Year Round Beers

  • Commuter Kolsch

    4.8% ABV – 22 IBU – This is very true to the style that originated in Koln (Cologne), Germany. Our Kolsch is unfiltered and cold-conditioned. The result is a beer that is clean and refreshing, with a crisp finish. It is agreeable without being boring; the beer lover’s session ale.

  • Penguin Pale Ale

    5.7 % ABV – 40 IBU – A good example of the American twist on the English classic. It is more of a deep copper than pale gold, as is common for the style, and has a unique malt profile due in large part to the addition of 20% American Wheat Malt. A strong American […]

  • Banjo Cat – Black IPA

    6.2 % ABV – 69 IBU – This beer is black in color but very smooth and does not have a bitter malt flavor found in many stouts and porters. It is aggressively hopped, including a dry hop addition that gives Banjo Cat a strong citrus aroma and vibrant flavor resulting in a well-balanced black […]